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The Chance of a Lifetime

In Dennis Wholey's first fiction novel, the owner of the worst team in professional football decides to have a nationwide "coach contest." The winner will get to coach one pro football game. Out of 6.5 million entries, the contest is won by an out of work, mid-level auto executive from Michigan, who knows nothing about the sport. However...

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Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That?

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DON'T WANT TO DO - AND HOW TO STOP"The purpose of Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That? is to explain why we all experience the 'compulsion to repeat' and discover the most successful ways to stop doing what we don't want to do ... whether we drink it, smoke it, snort it, pop it, spend it, gamble it, eat it, work it, feel it, or have sex or a relationship with it." - Dennis Wholey

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The Courage to Change

Dennis Wholey, who hosted the popular PBS-TV series LateNight America, is an alcoholic. So are many of the celebrities spotlighted in this inspiring and practical book. In their own words these powerful voices speak frankly and unforgettably about the devastating disease of alcoholism, the addiction that affects over a third of all Americans - and how each victim, struggling against the compulsion to drink, finally and triumphantly found the courage to change.

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The Miracle of Change

  1. Change creates fear (but the fear can be overcome).
  2. Change is hard (but it's doable).
  3. Expect change (and enjoy it).
  4. The only person you can change is you (and nobody else).
  5. Courage is action (in the face of fear).
  6. Change is really exchange (so go for it).
  7. Change is possbible (even if it doesn't feel like it).
  8. Don't attempt major change alone - do it with an ally.
  9. The answer may be acceptance (and not action).
  10. Change is a process (not an event).
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Are You Happy?

Happiness is as necessary as health, more elusive than success, and harder to define than love. Happiness is what we all want and few find on a more than a very temporary basis. What exactly is happiness? How do Americans pursue it? How do you achieve it?

Reading this remarkable book is like participating in a once-in-a-lifetime seminar with such people as world famous anthropologist Ashley Montagu, women's leader Gloria Steinem, educator Leo Buscaglia, television personalities Julia Child and Willard Scott, actresses Carol Channing and Shelley Duvall, social critic and writer Cleveland Amory, psychologists Dr. Joyce Brothers and Dr. Wayne Dyer, and religious leaders Rabbi Harold Kushner, Fr. John Powell, and Dr. Robert Schuller - to name just a few of the more than fifty creative participants.

Dennis Wholey's goal was to find the common denominators in happy people. What emerges on these pages are not only wonderful personal revelations about the universal factors of happiness but also and amazing look at the quality of life in America today.

A book cannot guarantee happiness, but Are You Happy? gives the information and asks the questions to help you evaluate how happy you are, provides the wisdom and experience of some fascinating and active people who have examined their own lives, and offers some tools for you to work more creatively for your own hapiness.

Are you happy?

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When the Worst that Can Happen Already Has

"SURVIVAL" MEANS MORE THAN JUST SURVIVING...It is the ability to triumph in times of adversity - not only to cope, but to change and grow.

The stories within are testimonies to the human spirit, showing that victory over hardship can be achieved by finding our deepest resources of faith, strength, and courage - even in the most devastating of circumstances. Cartoonist John Callahan talks about alcoholism, quadriplegia, and the saving grace of humor... Author Dominick Dunne explores the pain of losing a child... Larry King reveals the resilience of the human heart... and dozens of other true survivors tell their tales in moving, personal essays.

Dennis Wholey's landmark bestseller, The Courage to Change, brought comfort and inspiration to those fighting to overcome addiction. Now, Wholey offers a celebration of the magnificent power of the human will to live - even in life's most difficult times.

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Becoming Your Own Parent

A BOOK OF MEETINGS FOR ADULT CHILDRENIf you are one of the millions of adults who grew up in a dysfunctional home, you probably still bear deep emotional scars from your childhood.

Dennis Wholey, the adult child of an alcoholic himself, introduces you to fourteen courageous men and women from a variety of addictive and abusive family backgrounds. You will join them - and a dozen top experts in the field of adult children treatment and recovery - in a series of intimate and powerful group meetings. Becoming Your Own Parent will teach you how to find the love and acceptance you've always searched for in the one place you least expected it: within yourself.

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